JU.CLA.S is a young company, with an important Research and Development sector, thanks to which it designs and manufactures innovative technologies for the food and wine sector, with particular attention to aspects related to quality improvement, energy saving and respect for the environment for greater eco-sustainability .

Thanks to a group of interdisciplinary professionals, JU.CLA.S is attentive to the quality of the services offered, adopting a flexible and effective organisational model and culture.

It consists of a technical office that works closely with the Research and Development office, using advanced design systems in order to build pilot plants that represent the technical insights to be verified in the experimental phase. The construction department is able to produce plants according to the strictest standards of the food industry.

Our sales team is always ready to transfer the various and personal needs of our customers to the technical office, to satisfy increasingly demanding and individual requests.

In addition to the birthright of flotation, JU.CLA.S boasts tangential micro-filtration, micro-oxygenation of musts and wines, tartaric stabilization of wines by electrodialysis and the plant for the revitalization process of active dry yeasts (EASYFERM®). For the first time JU.CLA.S has automated the management of sterile bottling with microporous membranes called SOFOS®.

The constant exchange of information with companies in the beverage sector allows JU.CLA.S to acquire new experiences and consolidate an already considerable professional background. The company's skills in various specific fields determine the possibility of offering an integrated service to each individual customer, who it accompanies throughout the entire production process: research, individual plants, customized applications, assistance network, real-time monitoring conducted by specialised technicians, laboratory tests aimed at optimising industrial processes.

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