Commercial Office

A capillary network of technical-commercial professionals, both in Italy and abroad, constantly guarantees the presence of an interlocutor able to present the JU.CLA.S plant engineering proposals.

Our technicians, with many years of experience in the wine sector, are attentive to take on every request and then assist you in defining the projects on the plants .

Commercial Back Office

Our Commercial Back Office is careful to quickly process orders and customer requests.

A careful synergy between our sales department and production, wants to give quick answers on delivery times and plant start-up.

Technical Office

The JU.CLA.S. technical office sees mechanical engineers, food industry engineers, computer engineers, engineers for the environment and the territory, and chemical engineers assisted by expert oenologists engaged daily to find safe and reliable plant engineering solutions that respect the quality and integrity of the wine.

Our plants are entirely the fruit and creation  of JU.CLA.S.

Production Department

The JU.CLA.S. production site is organised in well-defined sectors to respect the flow of in-line processing. Strict selection and quality control protocols for raw materials are followed, starting with mechanical and steel components that comply with the regulations for use with foodstuffs, followed with strictly latest generation electronic components.

The entire production is flexible and dynamic, to guarantee the realisation of the different projects.

Management Software Development

Our computer engineers collaborate in synergy with all company departments and with the customer, to understand and apply the individual needs.

Our internal department that develops, tests and assists the post-sale of the plants offers customers the security of always having a single point of contact for JU.CLA.S plants.

The remote assistance service responds to varying software needs.

Outstanding safety, reliability and assistance guaranteed.

R&D Department

The JU.CLA.S. Research and Development Department is constantly engaged in understanding the needs of the market, researching new technologies to anticipate the needs of the production world.

Alongside the technical office, designers and technicians are constantly engaged with research institutes and universities to improve production processes, making them more effective, productive and eco-sustainable.

The new technologies are applied to technical and process feasibility studies, then put in practice in prototypes with related laboratory tests, consolidated by a strict procedure of field tests. 

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