Airocide® is a special innovative photocatalytic technology that instantly converts any kind of organic molecules (solid or gaseous) into harmless vapour. This organic conversation technology, in addition to effectively degrading ethylene gas, is capable of removing many unwelcome voletile organic compounds (VOCs) and eliminating viruses, bacteria, funngi, moulds and even anthrax as clinically demonstrated in numerous NASA applications.

In the wine industry, wine producers like Opus One, Sawyer and about a hundred other wine producers have entrusted Airocide® with the control of the development of moulds during the wine's ageing process in the wooden barrels in their prestigious cellars,, thus making the air transiting through the plant sterile.

This has become the most widely used practice in the wine industry with numerous applications such as preventing the onset of TCA even in a high rH environment, and significantly reducing the classic phenomenon of evaporation which results in product losses.



  • barrel cellars and rooms for distilling with wooden barrels
  • storage cartons, labels and wine products
  • rooms used for the multiplication of yeast and leaven or starter
  • bottling and tasting rooms
  • Airocide reduces about 99.999% of pathogens with the first passage of air, thus relasing fresh and "purified" air onto the environment
  • limits the development of moulds, bacteria and virus in the environment
  • allows to maintain high levels of humidity in wine baarrels thus reducing losses by evaporation
  • healthier and a more neutral environment at the olfactory level
  • removes unpleasant odours
  • reduces the risk of cross-contamination in the air (brettanomyces, lactic bacteria)
  • removes TCA and prevents its onset
  • low power consumption
  • self-cleaning
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