The wide range of Vason Group dispensers provers the attention and care paid by JU.CLA.S. to its search for practical and accurate solutions able to meet each and every need linked to proportioned dispensing of wine adjuvants, clarifying and sanitising agents and detergents.

DOSACOM®, the proportioned adjuvant dispensing system, is the unrivalled benchmark in the JU.CLA.S. dispenser line. It is widely used in the clarifyinh lines of must, juices, vinegard and wines of the most important manufacturing plants and can be also combined with must flotation systems in order to rationalize the dispensing of clarifying agents. DOSACOM® is the result of the most advanced technical research and guarantees an accurate and wide management of dispensing, thus ensuring a high ease of use as well as the ergonomic wellness of operators.

DOSACOM® systems can be appropriately designed and operate up to 50,000 L/h in order to obtain the requested dispensing. In order to integrate the line with consistent solutions, tank systems are available, which are equipped with a suitable agitator. DOSACOM® is particulary suited for use in continuous and discontinuous clarifying systems and can also be perfectly combined with the flotation technique. Thanks to DOSACOM® enginering it is possible to obtain maximum functionality in other applications requiring the management of food fluids: measuring the fluxes and volumes of fluids during transfers or when products are mixed, checking the capacity of storage containers, etc.


  • Improved efficiency during the clarifying process
  • Enhances yields in clrified products energy saving
  • More compact and less bulky deposits
  • Less adjuvant consumption thanks to the optimal contact with food fluids (must, vinegards, juices, wines...)
  • Controlled process that can be managed and modified during its operation
  • Intuitive display
  • Versatility: it is possible to carry out controlled mixes and transfers by measuring fluxes and volumes
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