MASTERMIND® REMOVE is an innovative, exclusive alcohol removal technology able to reduce the ABV of wine in a way that is perfectly in keeping both with the law and with the structure, colour and fragrance of the wine.

Viticulture and vine training choices, along with recent vintages characterised by significant climate changes, have often led to the production of highly concentrated wines with a high alcohol content. Recent market trends lean towards balanced, typical wines that reflect the tradition of their territories of origin, and these should not be penalised by high ABV levels. Therefore, in many wine producing countries there is an increasing demand for alcohol removal technologies.

MASTERMIND® REMOVE is a system designed by the JU.CLA.S. enotechnological laboratory in order to provide an efficient response to this need for quality alcohol removal: the wine is not filtered, and it is only  the alcohol that is transferred into the extracting solution. The polymer forming the membrane has no eletric charge and has been chosen because it is inert: this process does not effect the colour of structure of the original wine, since the membrane does not interact with the colloid system. The wine thus obtained maintains its aroma but sells more easily thanks to its lower ABV and lower export costs. It also suits consumer tastes and is in line with market trends as a result  of its more apllealing wine/alcolhol balance (sweet spot). The membrane regeneration cycles have been developed and validated by the R&D Department of Vason Group following its multi-year experience with managing electrodialysis (ED), tangential filtering (MFTS), reverse osmosis (JRO) and microfiltering (SOFOS) systems.


  • Absolute respect for the colour and structure of the wine to be processed
  • High-precision end result
  • No oxygen enrichment
  • Compact, intuitive, easy-to-use system
  • Reliable membranes
  • Process at room temperature
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