The current market demands the development of adaptable filtration plants capable of large daily volumes. JU.CLA.S. has responded to these needs with the tangential filter MFTC that has a new generation of polypropylene membranes, selectes to be inert towards the strucutre of the wine and for its extreme resistance to mechanical and chemical stress. The are available in three types of filter cartridges which respectively develop 10, 15 and 20 m² of surface to form a complete range of MFTC filters with scalar and modular extension.

The plants can elso be equipped with a single cartridge that develops in any case, a considerable surface that is sufficient to meet the needs for small to medium sized wineries (up to 20 hl/an hour for still wines). The housing is made of steel and there-fore tha plants, upon request, are also available for use with sparkling wines.

This type of filtration is said to be extremely versatile. This means that it optimally combines the most diverse filtration of wineries: musts, wines after fermentation and wine to be prepared for sale or packaging. The work performances are also excellent both the loading of the autoclaves, and the processes of separation at the end of fermentation.

  • Membranes selected for their durability and low price
  • Absolute versatility of filtration: of must, of unrefined wines, of clarified and sparkling wines
  • Automation available for even the smallest models
  • Optimal management of clogging by "balanced back-flush"
  • Efficient and differentiated regeneration processes
  • Expandable, modular and scalable models
  • Very stable temperature of the process run