The beverage industry in general and wine in particular, have long waited a filtration technology that is resectful of the organoleptic and structural qualities of the product to be processed, but that at the same, is also cost-effective to apply, and systems that are capable of producing large daily volumes. 

Micro-filtration systems for still and sparkling wines offering automatic control of the flow rates and pressures, according to adjustable parameters. The cartriridge regeneration stages can be run in semi-automatic mode, in accordance with the instructions provided by the manufacturer of the cartridge.

MMF, an orthogonal filtration system, was designed with the goal of optimisign all the phases of wine clarification prior to its microbiological stabilisation. This modern solution preserves the qualit of the wine and its aroma, contributing lower production costs and the same time, protecting the environment. The system's architecture is developed with the most advanced principles of cleanliness applicable in the food industry, in keeping with the decades of experience and know-how that JU.CLA.S. has acquired in the international wine sector.

  • Option of installing several filtration lay-outs
  • Low operating flow-rates
  • Single or dual stage systems
  • Automatic systems with C.I.P. washes
  • Extremely compact design
  • Option of installing several filtration lay-outs
  • Excellent cost-productivity ratio
  • Preservation of colloidal and aromatic propperties of wine
  • Extremely versatile and precise filtration
  • Automatic system management 
  • Restricted operator manual intervention
  • Touch-screen management and control of system operation
  • Replaces flour and carton filters