SOFOS is an automatic system for the cold orgnic stabilization of liquid foods through filtration with micro-porous cartridges.

JU.CLA.S. has gained over ten years of experience with the SOFOS system, and has now reached the 6th generation of its various industrial applications, consolidating a solid base that ensures its ability for design and update of systems aimed at the complete management of the microfiltration process.

The different flow patterns are designed to be controlled and managed automatically: wine microfiltration, regeneration and sanitation of the filters, an appropiate synergy with its filler systems and perfect functionality and sanitation. All the procedures (either automatic or manual) undergo continuous controls and are stored in special files that may be consulted at any moment. This is evidently not just about automatic microfiltering of these procedures, which keep a log of events in the database, where all informaion about the system's procedures is stored.

  • Totally automated work and washing cycles
  • Procedures compliant with ISO 9000
  • Hygiene certification UNI EN 1672-2:2009
  • Recording of each parameter detected by the machine
  • Possibility of manual intervention always "under control"
  • Open software, may be modified according to the client's needs
  • Synergy between fillers and filling system in general
  • Automatic integrity test of automatic cartridges
  • Saving in cartridges and manpower with individual procedure of regeneration and sanitizazion
  • Absolute accuracy in the construction of the machines
  • Hygienic welding procedures
  • Customised and safe layout plans
  • Automatic management of utilities (water, gas, vapour lines...)
  • Possibility of dosing detergent and sanitizer in alignment with the production line
  • Wide choice of accessories
  • Possible aligned dosage of gum arabic downstream to filtration
  • Extensive versatility of work phases
  • Remote tele-assistence
  • Online measurement of oxygen uptake
  • Possible coordination with the JU.CLA.S. automatic system for the management of wine glasses (MMR PLUS) for the removal of dissolved oxygen or to correct carbon dioxide content